5 Steps to Organize your Writing

https://flic.kr/p/umosK [Imagen: Plasmando Ideas, by Jacqueline Torres López, License CC] These 5 Steps can be used to write any type of story. Whether it's an essay, a short story or a fully fledged novel, these 5 steps break down the mess you have in your head into an easier, organized approach to writing. The 5... Continue Reading →

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Writing on Storyrchive by Storiteller

[Gif: Mechanical Pencil by Anidas97 ] Hello everyone, it's me Storiteller. Here is the Mission Statement, or the About for storyrchive! I consider myself a storyteller, but lately I've noticed I've done everything but tell stories, which is why I created storyrchive. This blog is for my research on storytelling and everything it encompasses: from... Continue Reading →

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Dark Web: Tarea #7

Para nuestra presentación de Dark Web, mi compañera, Jolimar Franco, escribió un post que recoge el tema muy bien. Puedes encontrar el escrito en su blog: https://siendofranco.home.blog/2019/04/03/dark-web-el-lado-del-internet-que-no-conoces/ Aquí esta la presentación via SlideShare: https://www.slideshare.net/VictoriaCarrilloRive/dark-web-inf-103   Aquí un video que explica el Dark Web:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUjSVrh9UN4 3 Identidades Locales que son expertas en el campo: En... Continue Reading →

Resumen de 11 de marzo 2019 – Storyrchive

Hoy trabajamos como salvar websites de manera online/offline en nuestros browsers. A continuacion le doy varios ejemplos que se discutieron en clase de recursos por internet. Pocket icon [Imagen: Pocket icon, by Aha-Soft, License CC] Este feature del Firefox Browser, permite al usuario salvar websites que no puede leer en el momento. Primero, tienes que... Continue Reading →

What does the Web mean to me?

For our first homework, we have to talk about what the Web means to us, but a few days ago my professor explicitly stated that the internet and the web are two completely different concepts. Which is why I’ll start by defining those terms: The internet is defined by webopeida.com as: "The internet is a... Continue Reading →

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